The downturn in the economy, skyrocketing medical costs and other unexpected life events – such as illness, divorce or job loss – have made it hard for many people to make ends meet.  Oftentimes, individuals turn to credit cards to keep up with the daily costs of living.  As bills continue to pile up, it can feel as though you are buried under a pile of debt you can never work your way out of.

There is help.  At the Hamilton Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, we help people throughout New Jersey regain control of their finances, eliminate their debt and move forward with a fresh slate.

Atlantic City Chapter 7 And 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

At larger law firms, clients’ cases are often handled by junior associates and paralegals.  Senior-level attorneys are rarely available to answer questions and many individuals feel as though their cases aren’t made a priority.

At the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, our clients are more than their case numbers.  No matter your circumstances, we treat every client with dignity and respect, and give each case the attention it deserves. Our attorneys are always available to answer questions and counsel our clients on Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and other debt relief strategies.

The Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette: Changing public perception of attorneys one client at a time.

A Helping Hand When You Need It

We understand the fear, stress and uncertainty involved when considering bankruptcy.  Oftentimes, fear of the unknown is the biggest source of stress.

At the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, our attorneys take the time to educate clients.  We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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