Over the last few decades, home values rapidly increased. Many homeowners took out home equity loans, and second or third mortgages using the value of their homes as collateral.  After the housing market collapse, home values plummeted and many individuals now carry large amounts of debt secured by properties that are no longer worth what is owed.

Our economy also suffered a hit.  Many people lost their jobs, went out of business, or experienced wage cuts.  This placed many homeowners between a rock and a hard place.  Selling their properties will not allow them to repay their mortgages in full, and making large mortgage payments is no longer financially possible.  There is hope.

Located in Hamilton, the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette provides straightforward and effective legal representation to individuals throughout New Jersey who are struggling with debt.  Together, we will eliminate your second mortgage and reduce your overall debt so you can keep your home and regain control of your finances.

Atlantic City Second Mortgage Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, our attorneys help individuals eliminate their second mortgages and home equity loans through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

Under federal bankruptcy laws, homeowners can eliminate their additional mortgages through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.  Referred to as “lien stripping,” Chapter 13 allows homeowners to “strip away” or eliminate their second or third mortgages, reduce their monthly payments, and keep their homes.

Even if you foreclose on your home, you will not be relieved of your second mortgage debt.

Many individuals chose to walk away from homes that have little or no equity.  However, if you took out a second or third mortgage based on the former equity of your home and your property is sold for less than the total value of your outstanding mortgages, the bank can come after you for the difference.  At the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, our lawyers help clients use the bankruptcy process to eliminate these additional loans and ensure our clients walk away from their properties free and clear after a foreclosure.

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