The downturn in the economy and the housing market crash have made it difficult for many individuals to keep current with their mortgage payments.  When homeowners fall behind on payments, many banks and mortgage lenders begin the foreclosure process.

At the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, we help people stop the foreclosure process, reorganize their debts and keep their homes.

Based in Hamilton, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette have more than 30 combined years of experience helping people throughout New Jersey defend their homes from foreclosure.

Atlantic City Attorneys Handling Mortgage Debt

The foreclosure process can be very complex.  Depending on your individual goals – whether you want to prevent foreclosure or allow foreclosure to take place – different legal strategies are available.

At the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, we take the time to explain the foreclosure process and the available foreclosure prevention options to our clients.  Once clients understand the challenges they are facing, we are able to select a legal strategy that helps them meet their goals.

Our firm believes bankruptcy should be used as a last resort.  Before recommending bankruptcy to our clients, we thoroughly evaluate every alternate form of debt relief.  If a bankruptcy alternative will achieve our clients’ goals, we will use that method to stop foreclosure.

However, if bankruptcy is your only or best option, we will help you through the process.  Our lawyers will evaluate your financial circumstances to determine whether discharging your debt through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to pay your mortgage and prevent foreclosure.  The automatic stay that arises when a bankruptcy is filed may also help prevent a pending sheriff’s sale.

You May Pay Even If You Walk Away

Simply abandoning your property or allowing your home to be foreclosed upon may not relieve you of debt.

If your home is sold at a sheriff’s sale or other short sale for less than the balance of your mortgage, you may be held liable for the difference.  At the Law Offices of Quigley & Fayette, we help individuals discharge their second mortgage through the bankruptcy process.  Don’t assume walking away from your property will relieve you of debt.

Contact an experienced debt relief attorney to ensure you fully understand the effects of foreclosure on your personal liability.  Call our Hamilton foreclosure defense attorneys today at 866-736-5351 for a FREE consultation.

We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.