Joan H.

My Bankruptcy Case was dismissed.  I did not have any idea why.  My previous attorney rarely returned phone calls and when she did I was unable to obtain a direct answer.  I went to Quigley & Fayette to see if they could help.  They filed a second case for me.  They promptly answered my calls and relayed information to me in a clear and concise manner.  The payment in my chapter 13 is less than what I was required to … Continued

Anthony M.

Thank you so much for all of your valuable assistance.  My Chapter 7 was handled in an efficient manner.  I understand that you could not file my fiance’s case because of a potential conflict.  We both wish you had, her case was so much more difficult than mine and was nearly double what your office charged.

Michael F.

When my home went into foreclosure, I stared receiving every offer under the sun explaining how I could keep my home.  I tried a loan modification which did not work.  It was a waste of $900.00.  I had another company that wanted to challenge the legality of my mortgage for $3,000.00.  I declined.  I had another individual who wanted to purchase my home and lease it back to me with an offer to purchase.  This frightened me.  Ultimately, I filed … Continued

Scott H.

My landlord filed paperwork to have me evicted.  Due to a car accident, I was out of work for about one month.  I told my landlord that I could have his money in about three weeks.  He didn’t care.  I filed a bankruptcy and was allowed to stay in my apartment and pay the back rent over 18-months.  Additionally, they referred me to an attorney for my car accident who has been great.

Paula C.

My experience with Quigley & Fayette was great.  Regardless of which attorney I dealt with, I felt as though I was dealing with someone who cared about me and my family.  Their patience, professionalism, and attention to detail was phenomenal!

Gene H.

I could no longer afford my house and wanted to give up. The house had been on the market for sale for about four months.  The offers I was receiving were terrible.  It was as if people knew of my financial situation and wanted to take advantage of me.  My realtor was horrible.  On the advice of a friend I met with Mr. Quigley.  He filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan in which I proposed selling my house. This allowed … Continued

Peter N.

I was behind on my first and second mortgage. I had medical bills and credit card debt. After a consultation with a credit counselor I was advised to file a Chapter 7 and give up my home. When I met with my attorney from Quigley & Fayette I was advised to file a Chapter 13 plan and save my home.  My home had dropped so much in value that I was able to eliminate my second mortgage.  With the elimination of … Continued